Hand Holding Heart

Our method of sharing is through established, proven para-church organizations, ministries and agencies who are specialist in the area of need for each of these dimensions we are reaching. For much of our world outreach relief, Zion comprehensively sponsors NetWork Limited, Men and Women of Action, Father's Care, David George World Ministries and Operation Compassion.

Always in our heart, Reverend David Britt who had a heart for missions, and went to be with the Lord Wednesday, January 27, 2010.

Local and International Outreach


We have committed to SHARE in the following areas: 

  • Local Outreach Ministry
  • Annual Christmas Eve Celebration
  • Opportunites for Biblical counseling and referal to competent counselors.
  • Food bank
  • Seasonal clothing drives
  • Sudden community emerencies and needs
  • Dawson County Read (providing scholarships for graduates of Adult Literacy program)

Men and Women of Action


  • MWOA is made up of volunteers from all walks of life. 
  • There is a place for every man and every woman regardless of their ability. 
  • Men and Women of Action teams have been to six of the seven continents of the world. Teams travel throughout the USA and around the world to assist in the construction of churches, schools, medical clinics, orphanages, parsonages, etc. 
  • Over 100 MWOA projects are conducted around the world each year. Today there is a mailing list of over 5,000 men and women who volunteer in this unique hands-on ministry. 
  • Pastor Pritchett, Director of World and Local Missions at Zion, is partnering with this great group for projects that men and women of our fellowship and community may participate in helping those groups and ministries in need. 
  • For more about an upcoming MWOA Rally, click here.

Ministry to Israel


From the very first book of the Bible to the Revelation given to John, blessing is pronounced on those who pray for and give support to the nation Israel. The most effective way to begin that ministry is to be active in our response to Psalm 122:6-9 which says: 

"6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “ May those who love you be secure. 7 May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.” 8 For the sake of my brothers and friends, I will say, “Peace be within you.” 9 For the sake of the house of the LORD our God, I will seek your prosperity."

For this reason the Prayer Ministry of our fellowship, led by Ms. Lois Zangara, is directly responsible for praying for, ministering to and informing people about Israel and that emphasised city of scripture Jerusalem. 

We support Israel with: 

  • Financial support to ministries in Israel
  • Prayer as we stay informed of needs and crisis which arise in the area
  • Annual 'Walk Where Jesus Walked' tours of Israel with Dr. and Mrs. Burrell. 

You can join this effort by simply contacting Ms. Zangara by email and letting her know you would like to be part of the Pray for Israel Group.

Prayer for Israel

Praying Hands

While in Israel, several members of our prayer team had the opportunity to meet a young pastor named Steven Khoury Since our meeting in Jerusalem, Pastor Steven has been in the Atlanta area, which afforded me the opportunity to meet with him. Following that meeting, I have communicated via email and phone with him several times. Pastor Steven stated multiple times that prayer is the most urgent need in Israel. I have committed to pray for his ministry. I ask our friends and church family to join me in praying the following scriptures for his ministry: 

  • For the Gospel to go forth in Israel as Christ directed His disciples in Matthew 10:6-8.
  • For empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Pray Matthew 10:20 and Acts 1:8
  • For wisdom & understanding. Pray Colossians 1:9-14
  • For ministry needs to be met. Pray Philippians 4:19

Ministry to Ministers


Atlanta Ministry Concepts is an outreach providing spiritual direction and support for ministers and their families, and local churches, ministries and their family base. The spiritual direction and support involve: 

  • Ministry and Family Restoration Sabbatical
  • Structure and Support Support for Staff
  • Congregation

All ministry is provided at no cost to the individual, family or ministry. For more information about this outreach, click here.

Ministry to the Military


Our men and women serving our country in various parts of the world are not forgotten. Regularly letters are written, cards are sent, special items are shipped. Special days and holidays the outreach is stepped up to make sure these soldiers know they are loved.

For more information and how you can become involved by contacting our Missions Director, Reverend Charles Pritchett or call 706.216.1440.